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 About Gloria Casale

Gloria Casale Writes, based in Sandia, New Mexico, offers mystery novels for lovers of spy thrillers. So far, she has published Bioterror: The Essential Threat. The prequel will be published in the next twelve months.

The first book in her second series, Counting Down,  is expected to be published in the next twelve months. The series details the lives of ten women from one neighborhood. Twenty-five years later the women are disappearing one by one at yearly intervals. A serial killer is determined to murder them all. 

Gloria is also currently working on An Emergency Medicine Memoir she hopes to have the first of a two to three-part series released in the next six months.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Kentucky and completed advanced training in anesthesiology, preventative medicine, and public health. She received training in bioterrorism and bioterrorism response at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and is a recognized expert in the international transport of disease. Gloria also served as a consultant to the Division of Transnational Threats at Sandia Laboratory.

The author has been an invited speaker to members of the US military and various ports associations on the topics of bio-weaponry and the international transport of pathogens. She currently lives in New Mexico with her tuxedo cat Hugo.

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