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Shadow Road Cover Reveal and Contest

Book Releases May 31, 2020!

I'm very excited to announce my latest book is publishing on May 31st! You can preorder now. I've also set up a giveaway on rafflecopter for you to enter to win one of 5 signed paperbacks, and a $20 gift card to my local bookstore, Treasure House Books. You can enter below.

I wrote Shadow Road years ago but had to put it on ice because it was too fresh, too close to the real circumstances that inspired me to write Shadow Road.

I dusted it off and wrote it adding fictional elements but don't be fooled. Both of my books are close to the situations and circumstances that happened in my earlier life. Shadow Roads is the prequel to Bioterror: The Essential Threat, the first book in the Anne Damiano Series.

Here is the blurb:

When psychiatrist Dr. Anne Damiano suspects she is being followed she writes it off as the father a client keeping tabs on her. What Anne doesn’t know is…

…Thugs close to Manuel Noriega are using Anne as bait. Shadow Road is the thrilling prequel to Bioterror: The Essential Threat harkening back to the road Anne took to become a shadow, a spy. Dr. Anne Damiano’s world is turned upside down when Helena Empañada, a local student at Trinity College, is placed in her care. Helena is recovering from a brutal rape but her father, a wealthy Panamanian plantation owner with connections to the drug cartels, demands that Anne complete treatment and return Helena back home. Anne does what is best as any psychiatrist would, refusing to cave to his pressure. He becomes more insistent, even threatening, Anne notices strangers showing up in unusual places.

As she is dealing with this, Connor, her best friend, reappears asking her out to dinner, then makes a very unusual request. Anne suspects Connor is a CIA operative, but what she doesn’t know is the tangled web woven in Panama has followed him home, putting her in the crosshairs. Will Anne outsmart Noriega's men will she fall into their trap putting the US operation and Connor’s life at risk?

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Jun 17, 2020

I’m looking forward to being fully immersed with this new book which promises to be faced paced with all the twist and turns.

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