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What Readers are Saying about Bioterror: The Essential Threat

"Fortunately, this plot is not yet "ripped from the headlines," but it plausibly soon could be. The author makes clear the ability of rogue states, or even rogue groups, to carry off a bioweapon attack. The chaos and confusion in response to such an attack are well depicted.  The story moves briskly, with action around the world. The author's background in bioterrorism and public health lends authenticity to all the scenes, especially the clandestine laboratory." — Jean P.

"Her historical notes at the end were particularly interesting. Although this would make a great beach book, there is also much food for thought in this gripping read." — Jean O.

"Keeps you on the edge of your seat thinking that something like this could actually happen in the real world. The author, a medical doctor with a background in this field, knows what can and can't happen and put this all together. Scary! Exciting reading!" — Larry

"The story of a Russian scientist, grossly underpaid, who sells his services to the Syrians to save himself and his family from starvation. Stolen vials from his lab are meant to wreak havoc. What happens to them is a story that is fiction, but could easily be fact. Spanning the globe, the novel reads quickly and holds your interest until the end." — Frank H.

"Intriguing story. Loved reading from settings around the world. Makes me wonder if infectious diseases could ever be an unexpected downfall to society. I couldn't figure out how it was going to end." — Liz B.

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would highly recommend it." — Rob

"Insightful —This book was recommended to me as a good read on biological weapons with international intrigue. Suspenseful to the end. I found I came away, not only with a good story, but with new knowledge and understanding concerning this ugly threat. Highly recommended." — Pam


First Prize in Thrillerfest's 2019 Best First Line of a Novel Contest

Best Book Cover and Finalist for Best First Book in the 2017 New Mexico Arizona Book Awards


First Place - Best Unpublished Novel in the 2016 Public Safety Writers Association Book Contest        


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